vineri, 20 octombrie 2017

Simply the best massage experience

While traveling a lot it so happened to always experience a lot of interesting stuff along my way. One of the ways of relaxing myself în the places where I did not knew anyone was to go to the local massage saloons and experience different styles of relaxation, including în some cases some erotic experiences.
During my stay in Asia, where the massage was created initially I had been blessed with the most interesting styles and experiences, I have known a lot of expersts in the art of massage, but to be honest, the most interesting experience that I lived was în Romania.
This experienced involved of course an erotic massage, which does not necessarly imply sexual contact, but rather touching of some body parts that are left alone in case of the classical oriental massage (excepting of course the sexual massage types that you can encounter în the orient) – but to be honest this experience was above everything.

The interesting thing relies în the style of massage and at the same time în the candor of the professional girls that were doing the massage, using all of their body parts. Although I was pretty experienced and used with a lot of massage techniques, this was completely new to me and aș it resembled a lot of interesting styles of massage, it was not equivalent with any of those.

At the end of this session of massage at Confidential I was feeling extraordinary, like a new man and to be honest this experience has exceeded all of my expectations – which is simply great and makes me recommend Bucharest as a very interesting destination for the people that are enjoying massage and beautiful womans, but also to the ones that simply want to try a new and very interesting life experience in a great city.